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Words to grow by...


For years I have been collecting sayings, hints, thoughts and strategies for growth. I have a booklet of them I often give to my clients. Finally I started a blog to share them more widely. Take a look!



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A healthy mind is something we all want. Life is not supposed to hurt--at least, not all of the time. It is meant to be a positive, meaningful experience despite difficulties that come along.


However, when things go wrong, many people are understandably afraid of seeking help with personal problems that are uncomfortable, and at times embarrassing. Nevertheless, the effort has made a world of difference to many people who have discovered that difficulties are a part of life that they have in common with others. They also have found that their problems usually have genuine, workable solutions that lead to a much happier life.


My name is David Bissette, and I am a clinical psychologist in the Washington, DC, metro area. Often getting better doesn't take "forever" or cost a fortune. If you've been experiencing difficult circumstances and painful feelings, then these pages may help you decide what type of help you need and where you can find it.


If you live in the Washington, DC metro area and want help with what is important in your life, give me a call. We can work together.


Weiner Scandal Analysis - Doctor David Bissette, Psy.D.

About Sex Addiction

I deal with a wide range of human problems in my practice, and I enjoy the variety. In the area of human sexuality I often work with sexual addiction. To the left you'll find an interview on Fox TV in DC about sex addiction that I did after the Weiner scandal.



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